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Dourthe N°1 celebrates its 30th birthday!

In 1988, with the launch of Dourthe N°1 white, Dourthe had the courage to diverge from more conventional paths and opt instead for a totally fresh approach to creating quality, dry, white Bordeaux wine. ~ Read more

The 2017 vintage

Discover the 2017 vintage with Patrick Jestin, President of Dourthe. ~ Read more


The process of barrel-ageing in Dourthe chateaux ~ Read more

Harvest 2017

The 2017 harvest in Dourthe chateaux ~ Read more

In the process of environmental certification

Committed to sustainable viticulture for many years now, we decided it was time to validate our skilled expertise through the official Terra Vitis certification scheme. ~ Read more

Food and Wines pairing

Discover the amazing Dourthe wines pairings with original recipes created by famous chefs. ~ Read more

What to drink with Calf…

Le 26 April 2018

Calf sweetbreads have always occupied a prime position in gastronomy. In Ancient Times, the Romans were very fond of tripes. Classified in the…

~ Read more

What to drink with game?

Le 23 March 2018

In 2018 Hirvihaara Manor celebrates it’s 100th anniversary with special menu and wines. Compared to most European countries Finnish wine culture is very…

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What to drink with Red…

Le 02 February 2018

The red mullet is a small fish residing over the rocky or sandy seabeds of the Mediterranean and off the coast of Africa…

~ Read more

What to drink with Beef…

Le 21 December 2017

Beef Wellington is a traditionnal dish on festive tables in Great Britain. The origins of its name dates back the Napoleonic Wars. Coming…

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What to drink with Scallops…

Le 18 December 2017

Raw, marinated or cooked, Scallops offer endless possibilities of tasting and always find their place on festive tables. Do you know why they…

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What to drink with Pumpkin…

Le 30 November 2017

Why not enjoy November, cooking  a typical seasonal vegetable, symbolic of Autumn : PUMPKIN. Largely used in American cuisine, and also in UK…

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What to drink with Pozharsky…

Le 07 November 2017

Pozharsky cutlets is a gourmet dish originating from Russia and boasts a rich history dating back to the 19th Century. Local tales say…

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Chicken brochettes

Le 10 August 2017

Preparation time: 45 minutes Ingredients (Serves 4) 4 chicken breasts 5 preserved lemons 2 courgettes 2 sprigs fresh tarragon 25cl olive oil Fleur…

~ Read more

“Tian” Provencal stew

Le 11 July 2017

Preparation time: 30 min Ingredients (Serves 4) 8 tomatoes 3 courgettes 2 aubergines Olive oil Salt and freshly ground pepper Thyme Instructions Cut…

~ Read more

Vegetable and tarragon medley

Le 04 May 2017

Preparation time: 1 hr Ingredients Serves 4 2 Carrots 200g broad beans 200g peas 200g green beans 2000g sugar snap peas 1 head…

~ Read more

Herb-crusted rack of lamb

Le 13 April 2017

Preparation time: 1 hr Ingredients Serves 4 2 x 4-bone racks of lamb Olive oil Salt and pepper Fleur de sel and freshly…

~ Read more

Top Tips for the perfect…

Le 10 March 2017

For a great evening’s entertainment with friends, why not host a gourmet cheese and wine tasting? With no cooking and minimal preparation, it’s…

~ Read more

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