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Setting new standards

Un pied de vigne

Back to the terroir

Setting new standards is rediscovering the terroir with a profound insight into the soils and subsoils. Studies carried out in conjunction with independent specialist organisations have resulted in mapping each vineyard with absolute precision, ensuring decisions in the vineyards are tailored specifically to each parcel or even micro-parcel of vines, such as selecting rootstocks, grape varieties and adapting viticultural practices to any water restrictions in the soils.

Une grappe

The Quest for perfection

Setting new standards is constantly seeking excellence, while embedding quality as a founding principle in Dourthe’s philosophy. This includes trials to evaluate the very latest viticultural practices, permanently testing equipment used in the vineyard and the winery, internal research and studies focusing on barrels and bottle closures, or in conjunction with external independent technical organisations. Each Dourthe vineyard is managed far beyond the exacting demands of each appellation.

Un vignoble

Back to Nature

Setting new standards is rediscovering nature and adopting a fundamentally environmental approach in our estates and at our production facilities in Parempuyre, including following the principles of sustainable agriculture, avoiding chemical fertilisers, restricting the use of pesticides, ploughing the soils with the aim of reducing or eliminating the use of chemical weedkillers entirely and reducing water and energy consumption.

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