Located in the commune of Vertheuil, in the norther part of Médoc, (Haut-Medoc appellation), Chateau Reysson, Cru Bourgeois, was known on the 18th century maps as “Le Batiment” (the building), probably because of the impressive size of its cellars. Already a famous winery, the domain became “Batiment-Bigot” in the 19th century – after its owner’ name – and took the local name “Reysson” in 1891.


Perched on a beautiful sunny hillside, the Château Reysson enjoys a particularly original terroir in Médoc: clayey soils on a subsoil with high level of starfish-limestone. These sedimentary rocks, of marine origin, date back several million years. They contain a large amount of fossils (shells, starfish), sometimes clearly visible and recognizable to the naked eye.



It is not unusual, venturing along the rows of vines, to come across one of those pieces of rock showing embossed shells.  To pay tribute to the superb terroir of Chateau Reysson, where Merlot, Cabernet Franc and Petit Verdot flourish ideally, the label features a coat of arm representing a shell since the 2012 vintage.