The Château Belgrave’s coat of arms symbolizes the wine estate’s history. The ferret, used by hunters as rabbits’ beater, is the symbol of the historical bond between hunting and the château, since the château was a former hunting lodge, well-known under Louis XV. The royalty’s symbol is present on the wine estate’s coat of arms through the magnificent crown located above the ferret.

The bond between hunting and the château has gradually faded. In 1845, Brunos Devès, wine merchant in Bordeaux, wanted to arrange the château in such a way that the wine estate would be as close as possible to the most beautiful parcels of gravel. The different structures such as wine cellars or fermenting rooms were erected and the main residence was built on the former royal hunting lodge, reinforcing the wine-making practice on this place full of history.

Willing to reconnect with its former bond to hunting, the coat of arms has been put on every label since 1947. Starting from the vintage 2015, all the bottles of Château de Belgrave, 5th Classified Growth in 1855, have been engraved with the historical château’s coat of arms. Finally, the name of the Château Belgrave’s 2nd wine, Diane de Belgrave, also refers to hunting; Diane being the Roman goddess of hunting.