To celebrate the release of Essence de Dourthe 2015,  Villa Le Bec restaurant in Shanghai (China) hosted a magnificent dinner, where 50 VIP clients experienced superb food and wine pairings, in the presence of Patrick Jestin, CEO of Dourthe.

Essence de Dourthe, the Art of blending

While vines have always played an important role in Dourthe’s history, our real foray in viticulture began in 1979, when we took over Château Belgrave. Activity intensified in the early 90s with the further addition of Château La Garde, followed by Château Le Boscq in 1995 and Château Grand Barrail Lamarzelle Figeac in 2005. In addition to these four major properties, Vignobles Dourthe currently comprises nine châteaux in Bordeaux.
Over the course of time, we have acquired an increasingly in-depth knowledge of the terroir on each estate, and the confidence that we can rely on a number of very high quality vineyard plots. This in turn generated the desire to push the boundaries even further, aim higher and created a new, different, original wine that would reflect our unique vision of fine Bordeaux wines. And for that, we had to think outside the box. “Good” was not sufficient and “better” was just not enough. We wanted to create something unique, since what makes a truly great wine is not how it compares to another, but the fact that it has no equal. We set about consulting the managers of our key properties in order to identify the finest parcels, where they were given free rein to harness the best of the soils and the very best of their abilities…

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The 2015 vintage

In 2015, Nature was a definite ally. Successful flowering got us off to a great start. Very dry weather at the start of summer may at times have been some cause for concern, but from early August, kind, indeed weather in our favour, promoted perfect ripening in the grapes and delivered excellent quality. Harvesting and vinifications ran smoothly, calmly and pressure-free, and there is absolutely no doubt that our cellars harbour a number of gems…

For this 2015 vintage, the Essence wines have long since held their secret, requiring considerable patience for the magical moment when the wines were finally ready for blending. The moment of truth came in January 2017. From a total of 280 barrels, only 24 were retained for Essence 2015 and to explain why so few, the answer may be found in our objective to limit production to only 6,000 bottles and retain only a taste of each estate. This
philosophy allows the spirit of competition to thrive between winemakers, together with the will to succeed. Much more than the dream of a dedicated team, Essence is also aresearch program, from which each estate is seen to benefit.