While the role of the wine grower can be immensely satisfying, it can also prove particularly challenging, with some vintages more than others testing us to the limits. 2017 is one such vintage.

Mother Nature, having remained so mild in recent years, struck with full force at the end of April. Further to an early and rather encouraging start, three consecutive nights of sub-zero temperatures stopped all growth in its tracks, affecting almost every appellation. The punishment is unfair, indiscriminate: some parcels were destroyed, others spared, sometimes within the same estate. Our vineyards reflect the regional picture; vineyards were either seriously affected or escaped damage.

We must acknowledge the extraordinary work our teams have put in, dedicating all their efforts and time to handle the challenges of a vineyard growing at two different rates. Thanks to their care and a generally straightforward summer, the wines produced from the parcels unaffected by frost are intense, deeply coloured and well-balanced.

Despite a lack of quantity, there could well be some surprises from the wines of 2017, as much from the reds as the whites.

Photo : © Studio Twin