Calf sweetbreads have always occupied a prime position in gastronomy. In Ancient Times, the Romans were very fond of tripes. Classified in the offals category, Le Ménagier de Paris, a culinary and domestic economy book written in 1393, specifies that they were proposed by the “tripier” (retailer spezialized in the sale of all types of offals), while the meat was reserved for the butcher. Also very popular in the Middle Ages, calf sweetbreads featured prominently on the princes and kings’ menus.

Rare, this exceptional product especially appreciated for the delicacy of its texture and for its exquisite flavor, is considered as a “noble offal”. The sweetbreads must be chosen very fresh, and require special attention in their preparation, because of their delicacy.

The sweetbreads are honored at the table of La Causerie in Paris. Arnaud Bachet and his chef Gabriel Grapin propose a modern regional cuisine, which highlights the flavors, subtlety and character of carefully selected ingredients.

With its “Crispy Veal Sweetbreads, bacon sucrine and potato mille-feuille”, a dish with subtle and contrasting flavors, La Causerie offers its favorite food and wine pairing: Diane de Belgrave, second wine of Château Belgrave, Grand Cru Classé 1855, Haut-Médoc.

Photos : © Twin Studio and La Causerie restaurant

Recomanded by la Causerie :

With a majority of Merlot, Diane de Belgrave, second wine of Château Belgrave – Grand Cru Classé 1855 – offers a round and savoury wine. Fruity, ripe, full-bodied, the soft tannins balance perfectly with the refined blend of the dish, between mellow and crunchy. Thanks to Arnaud Bachet and Gabriel Grapin for this perfect food and wine pairing!

Alternative pairing

Why not try a white wine? The rich flavours and multiple textures of the dish will perfectly match the complex aromas of Château Rahoul. Semillon takes the lion’s share in the blending of this white Graves: associated with Sauvignon, it offers a full, savoury palate, and will balance perfectly with the calf sweetbreads.

What is your favorite match?

Recomanded by la Causerie :Alternative pairing

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