In 2018 Hirvihaara Manor celebrates it’s 100th anniversary with special menu and wines.

Compared to most European countries Finnish wine culture is very young as we are not a wine growing country. For us Finns, to understand the characteristics and differences of wines, it is easier to handle the topic through food.

Finnish cuisine traditionally consists of pure flavours letting the ingredients speak for themselves. This is why choosing a wine recommandation needs to be done with proper thought. “Game meat such as wild deer is considered almost sacred because of it’s naturalness. It reminds us of our past as hunter-gatherers as one can really taste the forest in wild deer meat.”

“At Hirvihaara Manor, we have chosen this magnificient ingredient as the main course for our 100th anniversary menu. Wild deer is served in a black pot which ensures that all the aromas and flavours stay from the kitchen to the customer. When one opens the lid, hot steam full of meaty, earthy and forestlike smells reach one’s nose. Subtle spices such as thyme heighten the combination of tender deer meat and smooth celeriac purée.

Expectations for a wine to combine with such fine and delicate ingredients are high. The structure needs to be strong enough while leaving enough space for the taste to develope in ones mouth. “This is why we have chosen Dourthe’s fantastic Château La Garde Rouge to match our wild deer portion.”

“We expect enthusiastically guests from near and far to enjoy our 100th anniversary celebration with delicious food, superb wines and unique atmophere.”

Welcome to Hirvihaara!

Hirvihaara Manor's favorite match

Aromas of red and dark berries, combined with light smokiness, enhance the flavours of the food. Well balanced tannins give Chateau La Garde , Pessac-Léognan, enough structure without being too strong for the wild deer meat. The wine’s long aftertaste lingers pleasantly until the harmonious and elegant finish.

Alternative choice : the second wine

La Terrasse de La Garde, with its fruity and smoky notes, expresses the typicity of great Pessac-Léognan. Round and soft on the palate, it perfectly balances the full-flavoured wild deer meat and the creamy celeriac. Merlot dominant, the wine shows smooth, fine-grained tanins. This second wine is a proud exemplar of the character of Château La Garde superb terroir.

What is your favorite match?

Hirvihaara Manor's favorite matchAlternative choice : the second wine

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