Pozharsky cutlets is a gourmet dish originating from Russia and boasts a rich history dating back to the 19th Century. Local tales say that, due to his coach’s breakdown, Emperor Alexander I had to stay at Pozharski guesthouse, in Torzhok village. The veal cutlets he ordered were sold out, so Darya Pozharskaya  prepared cutlets from chopped veal and chicken meat, coated with browned breadcrumbs, making them look like real cutlets with the bone. The innkeeper eventually confessed the fact, but the emperor liked the dish : he ordered to include the cutlets into the Royal Kitchen menu. The dish took its name from the master of the house, which was customary in these day, and Pozharsky booked a new sign saying with pride “Pozharsky, Supplier of His Imperial Majesty’s court”.

World renowned, the famous cutlets have been mentioned by Leith Ritchie (Scottish writer) as early as 1836 and by Théophile Gauthier (French poet) in 1875 in their travelogues. The first recipe emerged in a Russian cuisine book in 1853, then was rapidly adopted by famous French chefs, among whom the famed Auguste Escoffier.

We got together with Sergei Aksenovskiy, chef sommelier at Maison Dellos in Moscow, to bring you two exciting and exclusive wine matches featuring Dourthe wines to enhance this Russian delicacy, traditional dish of the Café Pushkin list.

Classic wine match

Château Reysson, Cru Bourgeois, Haut-Médoc, draws its rich personality from the clay-limestone soils on which the grapes are grown, which are unusual for the appellation.  Merlot takes a leading role in the blend and is complemented by a refreshing touch of Cabernet Franc. Rounded on the palate, with subtle oak influences, it pairs perfectly with the different textures and delicate taste of the veal.

Alternative wine match

Think white ! Sergei Aksenovskiy, chef sommelier at Maison Dellos in Moscow, recommends Chateau La Garde, Pessac Leognan white. This fresh, mineral wine oozes poise, while the typical citrus fruit notes and smoky edge of the Sauvignon blanc blend to perfection with the refined and subtle savour of the veal and chicken filling.

What is your favorite match?

Classic wine matchAlternative wine match

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