Raw, marinated or cooked, Scallops offer endless possibilities of tasting and always find their place on festive tables. Do you know why they are known as “Saint Jacques” in France ?

Popular since the Ancient World, Scallops fame grows in the Middle Ages thanks to the pilgrims to Santiago (Saint Jacques) de Compostela, in Northern Spain. At the end of the journey, the pilgrims gathered shells hanging them to their clothes or walking stick as a souvenir. When it began to be sold in the fishermens shops in France, the shells, known to all as an emblem of the Compostela pilgrims, were naturally named “Coquilles Saint Jacques“.

Olivier Beurné, the new Chef of the restaurant l’Amphitryon in Lorient since December 11th – the restaurant is located in Britanny, one of the best place in France to find fresh scallops, releases a fresh-market cuisine based on high-quality products. He suggests one of his creations : Scallops in Citrus crust, Parsnip and Cumbawa mousseline, which the sommelier Anthony Rault associates with Château La Garde, Pessac Leognan, white.

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For a classic pairing, Anthony Rault, sommelier of the restaurant L’Amphitryon, recommands Château La Garde, Pessac-Léognan white, a perfect match with this Scallops and Citrus recipe. The natural freshness of Château La Garde white will perfectly balance the texture and lemony flavours of the dish, that remind the wine aromas.


Alternative wine match

To surprise your guests, dare an alternative match ! The exotic fruits and candied citrus flavours, and the ideal balance between sweetness and freshness of Château de Ricaud, Loupiac, will be in perfect harmony with all kind of scallops recipes : whether raw, marinated or cooked.



What is your favorite match?

Classic wine matchAlternative wine match

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