It all began with a piece of collaborative research undertaken by Dourthe and Denis Dubourdieu, in response to an ambitious mission to create a fine dry, white Bordeaux wine.

The focus on Sauvignon blanc, winemaking methods devised by Denis Dubourdieu, together with the ground breaking partnership established with a core of committed growers, made the impossible a reality: Dourthe N°1, and with it the creation of a new style of dry, white Bordeaux wine, to immediate and spectacular international success.

Yet beyond all this, for Dourthe, the Dourthe N°1 brand was a founding act; the revelation that the only quality option was to invest at a much more significant level in the vineyards and winery alike, and that there would be no better way than in the Dourthe vineyards.

And today, thirty years on, the Dourthe vineyards span some 500 hectares across the prestigious appellations of Bordeaux.

And Dourthe N°1 shows no signs of losing a trace of its freshness.


Patrick JESTIN.

Président de Dourthe, CEO of Dourthe



On 28th March 1988, Dourthe N°1 white was released to a number of key industry representatives, including members of the restaurant trade and press.

Dourthe had the courage to believe in the dry, white Bordeaux appellation, wich was languishing in near anonymity as a result of the overwhelming notoriety of its fine red and sweet white wines. Dourthe had the courage to move away from the mainstream Bordeaux Negoce and using previously unknown techniques, created a quality dry, white Bordeaux wine : Dourthe N°1 white. Its involvement at every stage of the winemaking process was truly pioneering, from its choice of Sauvignon Blanc, to its firm partnership with growers and innovative winemaking techniques. Dourthe N°1 red followed in 1993, and in 2005, Dourthe N°1 rosé all with one common objective: to make Dourthe N°1 a prime example of fine Bordeaux wine.


Like other « Grands Châteaux » wines, Dourthe N°1has a distinctive style and a strong personality, largely as a result of the global approach that no other negociant had dared to undertake until this point.

In the vineyard, a rigorous selection of parcels takes place to identify the best possible terroir and grape varieties.

Forging strong partenerships with growers guarantees optimal and consistent fruit quality. From tending the vine all the way through to the harvest, the growers work in close collaboration with the Dourthe winemakers to have the required aromatic intensity.

By ageing the wines in its cellar , Dourthe is breaking new ground by taking up a role forgotten by the industry since the development of châteaux bottling.

Blending is the very last step in this rigorus procedure, and will determine the very style and identity of Dourthe N°1. Only the very best batches will be retained for their quality, character and most importantly, for their contribution to the harmony of the blend.



Throughout the entire 30 years, Dourthe has stayed true to the objective it once set: reward the consumer with the pleasurable experience to be expected from a great Bordeaux wine with every bottle of Dourthe N°1, at an affordable price.

The success achieved in France since the launch of Dourthe N°1 white, then red and rosé, would soon be replicated in foreign markets. Today, in 56 countries, consumers from as totally diverse cultural backgrounds as America, Asia and Europe, and with very different usage patterns, can experience the same pleasure with a bottle of Dourthe N°1.

Each new vintage of Dourthe N°1 constitutes an event. It is an opportunity for influential gatekeepers, industry professionals and consumers, to applaud the great quality and established style of Dourthe N°1.

Dourthe N°1 has become a benchmark for consumers over the course of time, the epitome of pure Bordeaux value which an increasing number of consumers are happy to buy into each year.