Dourthe has been passionate about the vineyards of Bordeaux since 1840;

Passionate about a type of viticulture in tune with the soil and microclimate, about winemaking that harnesses the typical character of each terroir and each one of the region’s iconic grape varieties, and ever committed to a creative, honest and daring blending philosophy.

In its Chateaux, Dourthe has invested in rich and varied soils, dedicated to elevating the vineyards to the very peak of their respective appellations. In its quest to enhance the true worth of the terroirs, its innovative teams create blended estate wines that far surpass typical Bordeaux norms. To this end, Dourthe works hand in hand with its partner growers, who remain devoted to delivering the very best of every vineyard plot and grape variety to as wide an audience as possible.

DOURTHE specialises in producing honest fine wines that fully express the character of the region’s terroirs, while embracing the environment, biodiversity and humankind, to create meaningful, shared moments of happiness.