On the cool, clay soils of Saint-Emilion, after an early, promising start to the year, ripening was arrested by a dull August, coupled with significantly wet soils, which boosted growth in the vine.

Particularly high rainfall in the area of Saint-Emilion – 80mm higher than seasonal averages for the left bank from July-September – kept us on constant alert throughout the summer. Only as a result of relentless work in the vineyard were we able to approach September in great conditions.

After a worrying summer, the welcome return of very sunny weather put our minds at rest – veraison started well, and the grapes fully benefited from the ideal weather conditions, gaining colour and tannins throughout the glorious month of September.

Harvesting began October 1st, with a break of 10 days between the last Merlots and the Cabernet Franc, which with renewed calm we were able to leave to attain optimum ripeness.

A true expression of the terroir, our tenth harvest at Château Grand Barrail Lamarzelle Figeac delivers wines of great roundness and finesse.