Following the advance registered during the first half of the year, summer will be remembered for a relatively cool August, not particularly conducive to ripening. Faced with vigorous vine growth triggered by significant water in the soils, our efforts were multiplied in the vineyard, and the vines were monitored attentively in the face of increased disease pressure.

The return of ideal, hot and sunny weather at the end of August kick started ripening amid excellent conditions lasting through to October. We were able to leisurely wait for exactly the right moment to harvest each parcel. This year’s harvest was one of the earliest and longest at Château le Boscq, where even though it’s a relatively small estate, we commenced picking September 25th only to finish October 15th.

A number of super-premium micro-parcels of Merlot, Petit Verdot and Cabernet Sauvignon have been identified, which underwent whole-berry vinification in barrel. The wines are of great elegance and commenced ageing in December.