Unpredictable spring weather with intermittent hot and rainy periods, followed by an unseasonably cool summer, caused relentless work in the vineyard, and work on the canopy was meticulously fine-tuned to overcome complications as a result of changeable vintage conditions.

By the end of August, conditions in the vineyard were good, with a certain delay in ripeness at this stage. With the good weather reluctant to set in, a positive outcome to the significantly slowed down veraison in August was looking doubtful.

The long awaited summer arrived late, on 27th August, with magnificent sunny weather setting in until the end of October, and kick starting ripening in the Merlot, the predominant variety here at Château Rahoul. The Cabernets thrived in these unexpected conditions, and the grapes were picked in excellent conditions across the entire vineyard.

The red grapes were macerated before and after fermentation, to promote good quality, ripe, silky and tannic volume. When transferred to barrel, the wines are already fruity and full and show good structure.

The Semillon, planted predominantly at Rahoul, flourished in the relatively moderate summer temperatures. Generous and complex, it is underpinned to stunning effect by the aromatic freshness of the Sauvignon.