After a gloomy, mild start to the year, summer followed seamlessly at the start of July and lasted right through until the end of the harvest. The weather took a radical turn, becoming particularly hot and dry. We were relentless in our efforts to monitor the vineyard, facing the risks associated with prolonged humidity.

In August, the health of the vines, which had caused us considerable concern during spring, was now totally under control. In the case of the white wines, it is vital to retain natural acidity levels and aromatic intensity. We decided to pick early, and waited as long as necessary for each micro-parcel of Sauvignon and Semillon to attain perfect ripeness. We only harvested in the mornings and even kept the bunches whole in cold chambers before pressing under inert gas.

Our patience paid off, and the wines are perfumed, well-balanced and fresh. The red grape varieties in particular thrived in these conditions: sunny weather after veraison accelerated ripening, creating great phenolic richness. The cool nights of late August and September promoted early aromatic richness and ripening of the skins and tannins.

The wines are intensely coloured. The tannins are both rich and sweet. The wines are generous, long and very fruity, with well preserved acidity. A great vintage in the making!