Abundant rainfall during the first six months of the year caused unusually high disease pressure; a mild spring and high temperatures at the start of summer triggered important evaporation in the vines, saturating the air with humidity. Fortunately, the water filtered deep into the gravel soils, and only the soils with a higher clay content on the slopes saw an active growth in vegetation, which made it easier to keep disease pressure at bay.

For more than 20 years, as a result of a stringent, environmentally-conscious regime, we have continued to improve the soils at Château Le Boscq. And as a result of preventative measures such as diverse canopy management techniques and tilling, the vines show greater resistance to the challenges of extreme vintages. Summer proved to be our salvation, bringing sunny, dry and windy August weather, which curtailed disease pressure and caused hydric deficit in the vine.

Ripening commenced in ideal conditions. We allowed each parcel to reach ideal ripeness, seeing the harvest stretch over four weeks. In our constantly heightened quest for excellence, we go to even greater lengths to improve sorting techniques on arrival at the winery, this year using densimetric sorting to complement optical sorting. Only whole, perfect berries enter the tanks.

The resulting wines are rich and well-balanced, with concentrated, silky tannins. A great 2018 vintage!