From time to time a vintage comes along that makes you really smile. After the very fine 2014, 2015 seems set to be one of these.

Our vineyards, having now reached full maturity, are certainly reaping the rewards of the remarkable
work of our teams, who make certain nothing is left to chance to ensure the vines and grapes deliver their
true potential. But for the grower, the challenges of a vintage can only be met with Nature on his side.
In 2015, Nature was a definite ally!

Successful flowering got us off to a great start. Very dry weather at the start of summer may at times have
been some cause for concern, but from early August, kind, indeed weather in our favour, promoted perfect
ripening in the grapes and delivered excellent quality and satisfactory volumes.

Harvesting and vinifications ran smoothly, calmly and pressure-free, and there is absolutely no doubt that
our cellars harbour a number of gems. I have complete faith that Frédéric Bonnaffous and his colleagues
will nurture and support this very fine vintage until bottling.