Estate Director – Frédéric Bonnaffous

Estate Manager – Joachim Gilbert
Surface area – 18 Ha
Soil profile – Magnificent outcrops of Garonne gravel overlying a clay-gravel subsoil culminating in 18m and overlooking the estuary. The vineyards enjoy some of the best sun exposure in the appellation.

How long have you worked at the château?

I took over the management of Château Le Boscq 1 April 2015 and I’m no fool!

What can you tell us about the wine estate?

Château Le Boscq extends over 18 ha of vineyards set on a magnificent outcrop of Garonne gravel overlying a clay subsoil.
It has an ideal terroir where the different varieties thrive and reach optimum ripeness: so the early-ripening merlots, which relish the cool clay outcrop on the outskirts of the estate and the later varietals – Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon and Petit Verdot – which prefer the gravel plateau.
On this magnificent terroir, all the practices we carry out in the vineyard are sustainable and tailored to each individual plot in a bid to attain the ultimate, vintage after vintage.

Your favourite time of the year on the estate?


Your favourite vintage?

  1. Even in a challenging year château Le Boscq always shines.

Your greatest memory at the château?

The moment when Fréderic BONNAFFOUS asked me to run château Le Boscq.