Pruning the vines continues into 2022 and is a task very much enjoyed by our teams, as it shapes the entire year ahead and has a huge impact on the life span of the vine.

For some years now, traditional bordelaise and guyot mixte pruning methods have been replaced by the new Guyot/Poussard method.

Cuts to the vines to the upper part of the cordon only have highlighted a definite link between the impact of pruning wounds, the subsequent desiccation they cause and:

  • Sap flow
  • Quality and quantity of production
  • Vine longevity

Soft pruning is critical to perpetuating century-old vines.
So how do we prune?

  • All cuts are now made to the upper part of the vine
  • We are looking to promote sap flux as near to the soil as possible
  • Large cuts are kept to a strict minimum
  • Cropping yields are as always tailored to each vine depending on vigour the previous year (number, diameter and vigour of this year’s wood)

All that remains is an almighty debate between what constitutes a ‘good pruner’ and a ‘bad pruner’.