Having seen the more unpredictable side of Mother Nature in recent years, it was about time that 2014 was the year we were reminded of her more generous nature…

It was a very encouraging start, remembered for its early debudding and great flowering, which also came early. This was followed by a worryingly cool and sometimes wet summer, which in turn delayed veraison.

This had all the potential of placing us in a very delicate position, had Nature not saved us with an exceptionally glorious autumn, in fact, the longest Indian summer every recorded. Right through until the end of October, we saw a succession of hot and dry days, only interrupted by the odd isolated storm. In these ideal conditions, ripening was slow and controlled.

Our exhaustive knowledge of our soils and vines gave us the confidence to leisurely await the optimum harvesting date for each individual parcel.

In the end, our white wines, which greatly benefited from the cool summer climate, harmoniously combine intensity, extreme vigour and bracing freshness. They show every sign of being exceptional.

The Merlots offer lovely aromas, velvety character and moderate tannins, while the Cabernets, which generally excel in slow-ripening conditions, have yielded well-concentrated, tannic wines with stunning aromas.

All that remains now is to mature these highly promising wines in order to put the finishing touches to what will surely be remembered as a great vintage.