There seems no end to Mother Nature’s surprises. The 2016 vintage got off to an intense start of stark contrasts, with excessive rain in the first six months and excessive dry weather during summer, bringing the growers their fair share of worries across the whole of Bordeaux.

Now too familiar with the relentless stress of scrutinising the vineyards, our teams never let down their guard, adapting management techniques to the demands of each individual plot, in a bid to maintain the vines in perfect balance with their environment. Conditions during flowering were really good, revealing the first broad brush strokes of a great vintage.

And with the weather finally on side from the end of August, providing just the right amount of rain at just the right moment and, followed by a stunning Indian summer, the 2016 vintage is a fabulous surprise, a gift from Nature, and one that won’t be forgotten for many years to come.