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Dourthe Grands Terroirs - Graves Rouge

AOC Graves

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The Graves terroir, to the south of Bordeaux, is similar to that of the Medoc (made up gravely ridges exposed to the sun), with, however, the presence of sand and clay mixed in alternately with the gravel. These round pebbles, deposited by the Garonne river over the centuries, have an important role to play in the temperature control of the grapes : throughout the night they give off the heat accumulated during the day. The Grands Terroirs Graves is the result of a particularly strict selection procedure carried out by the Dourthe oenologists. From among hundreds of batches, only the most interesting wines are selected, those with a well-balanced structure and a personality typical of its appellation. The Graves Grands Terroirs is characterised by elegance and finesse. 

Vinification & Elevage

Traditional vinification.

Maturation in vats for a few months.

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Note de dégustation

The Graves Grands Terroirs is characterised by elegance and finesse. The wine boasts deep, dark appearance and a delicate red-fruit bouquet. On the palate, it is full bodied and well balanced, with a nice long aromatic finish.


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