Scallops in Citrus fruits crust, Parsnip and Cumbawa mousseline

Shell the scallops and dive them into clear water to desand them before letting them drain on a sheet.

 Take back the frills and wash them. In the mean time peel and slice the shallot. Fry them in butter before adding beards. Deglaze with white wine and reduce by half. Wet with 1dl of cream, bring to boil and reserve. Let infuse, season and filter this creamy velouté.

Peel the parsnip, slice into pieces and boil it in salted water. Once boiled, mix it with 1dl of cream until the obtention of a creamy mash, add a peel of cumbawa, season and set aside.

Mix together breadcrums, butter and a zest of bergamot lemon an lime. Spread two to three millimeters of this mix between two sheets of baking paper and keep it in a cool place.

Pan the scallops with olive oil on one side. Detail the citrus fruit crust at the scallops’ size, using a cookie cutter and place a disk on the top of each one.

Quickly grill the scallops in the oven.

Layer the parsnip mash on the plate with the “grilled” scallops and a dash of creamy scallop velouté.