We are very happy to share with you a great news: the acquisition of Château Le Boscq, Saint-Estèphe Cru Bourgeois Exceptionnel.

Dourthe and Le Boscq: a history that commenced 26 years ago

The history of Château Le Boscq and Dourthe began some 26 years ago, when we were entrusted with the role of ‘tenant’ by La Française Real Estate Managers, working on behalf of a land investment group. Since 1995, we have continued to write a legend spanning more than three centuries, involving some of the greatest names responsible for making Bordeaux what it is today. We are now immensely proud to become the new owners of Château le Boscq.



A fabulous property on an exceptional terroir

It would be impossible not to be impressed by the sheer magnificence of this unique location. Château Le Boscq’s majestic residence takes pride of place in Saint-Estèphe, set against the backdrop of an exceptional terroir. The steep gravel outcrops drop sharply to the Gironde, the largest estuary in Europe. Like all great classic Medoc estates, Le Boscq lies ‘on the front line’, where the microclimate often proves a godsend.



Rethinking the vineyard as a collection of ‘gardens’

Since 1995, the vineyards have been reworked and transformed with an ambitious, environmentally-conscious viticultural regime at the core of Dourthe’s approach for the 18-hectare expanse. At Château Le Boscq, plots of vines are segmented into different gardens, each one allocated a key grower entrusted with full responsibility for its care. This precision-led, dedicated approach instils within the team a close bond with the land.




Remarkable wine with a touch of spice

In the winery, the emphasis is on high-performance equipment, where preserving fruit quality is paramount. Our teams are not averse to trialling new techniques with a view to revealing the full potential and quintessential sense of place, and its typical heady, spicy dimension. The result is quite unique, profound and distinguished wines, which continue to go from strength to strength. Tasting le Boscq is like setting sail to explore unknown, far-flung exotic shores.





Setting our sights firmly on the future

The acquisition of Le Boscq is not simply the fruition of an idea sown some 26 years ago, but also the opportunity to elevate our precision-led approach to even greater heights. In addition, ambitious renovation plans are also in the pipeline for the main residence, to create a visitor centre in line with the Château’s ambitions.



I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to Française Real Estate Managers for their valuable support throughout the tenancy period and for making this  acquisition, which aligns so seamlessly with the Dourthe DNA, a reality.  This move further strengthens our involvement in ultra-premium viticulture and winemaking exemplified across the entire portfolio of estates managed by Dourthe.


Patrick Jestin