The first six months of the year saw favourable conditions align to get us off to a good start. After a cool, damp winter, the first buds appeared 13 April.

The glorious weather that set in soon after triggered rapid vine growth and early, rapid flowering at the end of May – lasting barely a week – and almost two weeks ahead of schedule on average across the property.

After a rather hesitant start to veraison due to very hot weather at the start of summer, rain came just at the right time in early August. Veraison speeded up as a result and the berries, which at this stage were still quite small, developed normally. At the beginning of September, the fruit was already looking very promising, and we harvested grapes of superb quality from 22 September.

Gentle vinifications and long cuvaisons enhanced the rich fruit character in the Merlots, aromatic expression and tannic finesse in the Cabernets and the intensity of the Petits Verdots. Le Boscq delivers a true gem with the 2015 vintage.