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Mosaic de La Garde


Mosaic de La Garde - Dourthe

Mosaic, the latest release from Château la Garde, is a limited edition gift set, featuring six wines from the mosaic of unique soils on the estate.

Working in partnership with local artist Jean-Baptiste Besançon, Château la Garde selected a work of art and extracted a number of smaller sections to create a series of six labels, one for each wine. Each label can be appreciated as a standalone piece, while together they form a coherent body of work.

Each gift set comes with a certificate of authenticity hand-signed by the artist.


The collection reflects the exceptional diversity of soils in the vineyards at Château la Garde and is an insight into the master craftsmanship at play on the estate.
Frédéric Bonnaffous



Mosaic de La Garde - Dourthe
Mosaic de La Garde - Dourthe

Château la Garde, a place that never ceases to amaze and delight – a haven of nature beyond time.

Nestling at the heart of Pessac-Léognan, its approach is along a remote and tortuous dirt track, a fitting allegory for this wild, untamed landscape, from the vagaries of the climate to the
precarious nature of the soils, only overcome by the passion of the men and women who work there.

Mosaic de La Garde - Dourthe


54 hectares of vines stretching out in a single, L-shaped expanse, comprising 27 distinct soil-types, form a veritable living mosaic shaped by time. Geologically, the soils are an unusual composition of alternating layers of clay, deep gravel and chalk; like notes on a sheet of music that enrapture with their harmony and breadth, and entice us with their melodies.

Further to judicious decision-making led by years of experience, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot reveal their true splendour in a spectrum of colours worthy or any artist’s palette.

Mosaic de La Garde - Dourthe

Jean-Baptiste Besançon


Mosaic de La Garde - Dourthe

Born in 1985, Jean-Baptiste Besançon is an artist who lives and works in Bordeaux. Entirely self-taught, Jean-Baptiste has been painting from an early age, experimenting with different
techniques and mediums, and on his return to Bordeaux, embarked upon a series of paintings on canvas forming a collection in symbiotic harmony.

Jean-Baptiste Besançon has already featured in various exhibitions in and around Bordeaux, among which the Marché de Lerme, Galerie Mably, Galerie Nova Art Sud and at several wine estates. He was also part of the 2016 Bordeaux Fete le Vin in partnership with the Bernard Magrez Cultural Institute, where he created an artistic cube in the Jardin des Arts.

Acclaimed for his abstract paintings combining technical skill and freedom, Jean-Baptiste’s work is delicate and subtle, where movement and medium, space and time, chance and reflection unite. “My painting is a space for questioning and meditation, where different interpretations may develop and dissipate.”

The Painting

Mosaic de La Garde - Dourthe

What is its title?

It doesn’t have a title as the artist never names his paintings. The name is simply the size and year of the piece: PAINTING 146/112 2022
It’s abstract, with its intense colours and varied shapes, in harmony with the complexity of our soils.
In fact, painting on the reverse of the canvas, where the patterns appear when held to the light. The technique is a symbolic reminder of the theory behind the soils; invisible stratum, yet precious components making up the notion of terroir and identity in a wine.
There are at least 27 different patterns in this work, reflecting the 27 different soil types already identified.
At Château la Garde in the MOSAIC room, opposite the vineyard.
Mosaic de La Garde - Dourthe